Ariti Kaziris


Thank you for visiting my small business shop! My name is Ariti Kaziris and I am a designer specializing in bridal and evening wear, and more recently, childrenswear. I began my design journey in 2016 where I designed and produced my first collection from scratch by hand, and as I grew I was able to branch into ready-to-wear with the wonderful help of a production team. Since then, I have explored both custom production as well as ready-to-wear evening wear depending on my customers needs. 

Since having my beautiful daughter, I was inspired to create a little girls collection with her in mind. She is my muse, and this is the most special collection that I have ever designed. When I found out I was having a little girl, my mother opened up bins of gorgeous dresses and garments from my childhood that she had kept and preserved for this special moment. I could not believe the quality of these pieces, as they had stood the test of time. (30 years!) I was thrown into immediate nostalgia, with endless ruffles and all of the lace that you could imagine. My mission is the same, to create lasting and timeless pieces for you and your children that you will also cherish for years to come. 

Thank you again for taking the time to visit my shop!

All my love,